The possibilities are as endless as your capabilities with our patented Convex V Hull and TAPS Technology. All the reasons you love the water are right where we do our best, assuring years of performance that no one in the boat will outgrow. There's a reason top names in the world, like Bethany Hamilton and Josh Kerr, choose Tige. We have integrated leading technology to make Tige far and away the frontrunner in versatility. Any skill level or any sport, a really good time starts with a really good wave or wake.  


Built on years of success, TAPS 3 was engineered with the most effective and forward thinking technology available. The delayed convergence of TAPS 3 and natural performance of the Convex V forms the longest, most perfect and powerful surf wave on either side of the boat—all while making the other side of the wave fair game within three seconds. This kind of performance can only be found behind a Tigé.
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Tige's onboard touch screens are the next-generation of on-board technology and are sure to elevate everything about your boating experience. Using commands and gestures similar to today's smartphones and tablets, you can easily navigate through your day on the water with highly intelligent design, intuitive control, and always a clear view ahead. 
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Our prop is located up under the boat, rather than hanging off the back. Not only will surfers and swimmers stay safe, but using TAPS, the driver can also precisely adjust the running attitude to maneuver conditions and keep all passengers comfortable and dry. 


Tige boats handle like a sports car on the water-- quicker turns, faster planing times, and precise speed control. Our performance driven hull trim capabilities also increase fuel efficiency by at least 30%. 


Tiges have the strongest value on day one, but even stronger on day two. According to the NADA, Tiges retain a higher resale value than all other boats -- including other inboard brands. 


Let's face it... Tige checks off the whole list, and looks the best doing it! With signature styling and features like the Alpha E2 Tower, your great judgement will be easily recognizable across the water.


Knowing that your Tige is built with precise engineering and only the best materials, you have the reassurance that your Tige will outperform, on all levels, throughout your years of ownership. Tige's are built using 100% hand-land fiberglass -- the most consistent, quality way to build a boat. We are extremely selective when it comes to crafting a Tige. Our materials and components come from the top products across multiple industries. Plus, 


Tiges are backed with the Tige 5 Warranty, a 5-year/555 hour warranty that provides owners with maximum coverage and minimal limitations. Tige is also the only boat manufacturer to offer a Lifetime Hull Replacement Warranty. 
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You know what you want, and we know how to build it just for you. With our unique color options, materials, and details, you can create your own signature style. 
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