Tap Into Versatility

Built on years of success, TAPS 3T was engineered with the most effective and forward thinking technology available. The delayed convergence of TAPS 3T and natural performance of the Convex V Hull forms the longest, most perfect and powerful surf wave on either side of the boat.

The TAPS 3T exclusive plate designs utilize military grade actuators that withstand over 3 tons of pressure, giving you more reliability than any other surf system on the market. TAPS 3T was tested down to the millimeter so that it will deliver consistent waves, set after set.

Whether you're setting up for wakesurfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or just a cruise, the GO System makes dialing in performance literally effortless. Just push 'GO' and you're underway with your perfect wake. No setup or dialing in instructions necessary! 

You Surf, We Adapt

TAPS 3T loads your wave with power and push, at the push of a button. It’s always adjustable, always consistent and always firing.

High on your List

TAPS 3T conquers the demands of convenience and quality, all while intuitively connecting riders to their surf wave like never before. In tandem with the Convex V Hull, TAPS 3T’s list-enhancement capabilities will result in the quickest, cleanest, most powerful transfer and a surf wave that’s second to none.


Whether you're setting up for wakesurfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or heading home, the all-new GO System powered by TAPS 3T makes dialing in your boat literally effortless. Just push 'GO' and your cruise control, ballast, and TAPS settings will automatically be set. No set up or dialing in instructions needed!

The Science Behind the Surf

When you’re ready to surf, all three TAPS 3T plates will get in on the action and serve as a list enhancement device. TAPS 3T will shift the Convex V Hull into its prime performance position. 

When TAPS 3T is engaged, it places your Tigé into an optimum degree of yaw. This allows water to asymmetrically release off of the sides of the boat, channeling the power to your surf side. 

As your boat is both listed and put into a yaw, the power of the Convex V Hull and the Coanda Effect is enhanced. The hull then draws deeper into the water making the sweet spot even sweeter.

Tap Into Versatility

It all started back in 1995 with the development of the original TAPS (Tige Adjustable Performance System) technology and the Convex V Hull, making Tige the first inboard to give you full wake control and trim capability.  

With over 75 years of combined experience in boat design and wake development, Charlie Pigeon, Blake Pigeon, Eddie Gugliemetti and more of TeamTige spent countless hours perfecting the TAPS 3 Surf System. Every component from the Convex V Hull and side surfaces, TAPS, swim platform, Surf + Wake XL Ballast, Raptor Series 6.2L engines, and propellers were evaluated, and then reevaluated. With integrated leading technology working together as one, the TAPS 3T Surf System makes Tige far and away the front-runner in versatility. 


The greatest progress made is by pushing the status quo, not by conforming to it. The TAPS 3T Surf System went through rigorous testing to provide you with the best possible experience.  

Well-Versed in Versatility

The center plate, the original TAPS system, gives you precise control over the running attitude, planing, and maneuverability, as well as wake shape control for wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Ready When You Are

When you’re ready to wakesurf, the outer plates will engage to create the list, yaw, and draw that generates the most powerful surf wave you’ll ever experience. 

TAPS 3T Surf System Components

With the industry’s leading technology working together as one, the Go System Powered by TAPS 3T now equips your endless wave with endless possibilities.


As your onboard driving and riding assistant, Auto TAPS is preconfigured to predict driving conditions. Sit back and relax because TAPS already knows your next move. 

Surf + Wake XL Ballast

Your Tige has been highly calculated for turnkey performance. The Surf + Wake XL Ballast throws the right size wave or wake for every rider regardless of the number of passengers. 

Zero Off™ GPS Cruise Control

GPS Cruise Control that's easy to use for recreational drivers and precise with immediate-response for world-class competitors. 

We Remember

Remember when you were surfing on the other side of the boat? We do. Your surf settings are stored into your CLEAR memory.