Zero Off™ GPS Cruise Control

The GPS driven Zero Off™ Cruise Control is easy to use for recreational drivers and the best with immediate response for world-class competitors.

RearView Camera

With full view of behind the boat while both in forward and reverse, you can stay in the action and keep passenger's safe. 


Set the mood with an ambient glow throughout the cabin. Turn on all the lights, or just a few, with a simple touch.


Enjoy your playlist from anywhere on the boat with no strings attached. Using electronically tuned zone control, you can select adjust volume control of each speaker throughout all areas of your Tige. 

Ballast Control Screen

Filling and emptying ballast tanks is simple and intuitive. With just one touch you can be on your way with your perfect wake.


The 2-Up action screen allows you to customize your CLEAR experience.  All of your ideal boat operations are interchangeable and easily accessible within seconds.

GoPro Integration

Simply connect your GoPro to playback right through your CLEAR screen.

LED Lighting

Turn heads, catch eyes, and add a whole new level of personalization and swagger to your set up with the LED Lights as an option for the Alpha E2 Power Tower. Choose from an almost never-ending color wheel and set the lights to move to the beat of your playlist.


The Tige Clear User Experience is the next-generation of on-board technology and is sure to elevate everything about your boating experience. Using commands and gestures similar to today's smartphones and tablets, you can easily navigate through your day on the water with highly intelligent design, intuitive control, and always a clear view ahead. The Tige CLEAR is standard on the 2019 Tige ZX and RZX models.

It's that clear.

With the largest surface area, brightest screen, and clear forward visibility, the 10.6" intuitive interface allows you to easily access all the action on a tablet style that you're already accustomed to.

The ultimate driving companion

Tige CLEAR is ergonomically positioned exactly where you would expect it to be — just to the right of your steering wheel, next to the throttle. Tige CLEAR was built with the same advancements and reliability that you find in major auto and jet manufacturers. 

Clear Visibility

The ultra-low profile dash design gives you maximum visibility and safety, and helps keep your eyes, hands, and attention where they belong.

We're Never Looking Back

The Tige RearView Camera offers a new perspective of what's going on around you. With full view of behind the boat while both in forward and reverse, you can stay in the action and keep passenger's safe. 

The BIG picture

We let the good times go on by backing the Tige CLEAR User Experience with the industry's most comprehensive and clear protection plan--the Tige 5 Warranty.