More Power to You

The closed cooled Raptor Series’ customized torque ratio is specifically designed to work hand in hand with our patented Convex V Hull. This allows your Tige to run at a lower RPM, resulting in up to a 33% increase in fuel economy, less noise, smoother cruising, less maintenance, and more prop range.

Raptor 575

The Raptor 575 is the most powerful advanced performance engine ever offered. With a 6.2L ROUSH Charged V8, 575 lb-ft of torque, and closed cooling, you can also say it’s the hardest working engine in the Raptor lineup.

Raptor 460

The newest engine to the Raptor Series, the 460 provides you with another step up in performance. The Raptor 460 features a high torque intake manifold and high horsepower throttle body borrowed from Ford’s coveted GT-350.

Raptor 440

The closed cooled Raptor 440 was designed for just that—more action. A smooth and relaxed ride is guaranteed no matter how hard you push it.

Raptor 400

The Raptor 400 brings thoroughbred performance without the high-end price. Featuring closed cooling and being just as fuel-efficient as it is powerful, the 400 delivers undisputable durability season after season.


The 6.2-liter V8 engine, the same powering the world’s most reliable and best selling F-150 SVT Raptor and F-Series Super Duty trucks, is sure to make you feel acceleration in more than just your heart rate.

Torque-Centric Performance

The torque-packed Raptor engine allows you to push the weight demands of the sport with low RPM, faster acceleration, and less time at the gas pump.

Closed Cooled

Helps maintain consistent engine temperatures contributing to better fuel economy and performance. Ultimately eliminates corrosion, leading to longer engine life.

Quiet Ride

Combining the overhead cam engine design with the Indmar IVD Transmission results in an engine that runs smoother and quieter than any other boat on the water.

Fuel Economy

Our unique hull shape coupled with a perfectly tailored gear ratio results in precisely calculated torque and up to a 50% increase in fuel economy over the competition. Your Tige won't call it a day until you do. 

More Weight, Less RPM

Best-in-class torque and horsepower result in low RPM, giving you the ability to efficiently push the weight demands of the sport.

Fuel/H20 Seperator

Our water separating fuel filter helps separate up to 98.8% of emulsified water or other particles from the fuel before it reaches the engine.

Towsport Specific Marine Oil Pan

Designed to optimize oil pick-up at steep boat angles and high G turns, the purpose built marine oil pan take away the worry of oil starvation. 

Splash Guard

The Splash Guard reduces the splashing, spray, and flowing of water onto the motor and reduces corrosion. The Splash Guard also keeps heat away from the alternator and intake, in turn keeping the temperatures down. Cooler air through the intake helps optimize performance. 

We've Got Your Back

The closed cooled Raptor Series is an exclusive lineup that defies every challenge, especially the test of time. Your Tige of choice will come standard with more protection, peace of mind, and a full 5-Year Factory Warranty.