Simply Intelligent

Tige Touch2 takes simplicity to another level with a sleek, intuitive interface that’s as easy to use as it is advanced, loaded with features never before seen in a boat.

Zero Off™ GPS Cruise Control

The GPS driven Zero Off™ Cruise Control is easy to use for recreational drivers and the best with immediate response for world-class competitors.

Taps 3 Surf System

Tige's onboard touch screen is the control center of your Tige, working hand-in-hand with TAPS 3.

Tige You

Detailed memory settings for speed, TAPS and ballast levels for up to 20 rider profiles. You select, we do the rest.


Set the mood with an ambient glow throughout the cabin. Turn on all the lights, or just a few, with a simple touch.


Enjoy your playlist from anywhere on the boat with no strings attached. Use the video input to play movies or view riders behind the boat.

Ballast Control Screen

At a touch you can fill or empty ballast tanks, check ballast levels, or use the Inclinometer to dial in your perfect wave.

the power of touch

Enclosed in watertight housing, Tige Touch2 features a smart next-gen high-def wide screen with 7" anti-glare touchscreen and a 1000:1 contrast ratio.

The Ultimate Driving Companion

Touch2 is ergonomically positioned exactly where you would expect it to be — just to the right of your steering wheel, next to the throttle. This results in an ultra-low profile dash design for maximum visibility and safety and helps keep your eyes, hands and attention where they belong.

Five Year Warranty

We let the good times go on by backing Tige Touch2 with the industry's most comprehensive protection plan--the Tige 5 Warranty.