The Award-Winning Tige RZX2

The Boating Industry has spoken. The RZX2 is the award winner for the top product on the water.

The RZX2 flexes a list of features that has the most complete, versatile and forward thinking capability ever to be offered in a wake boat. Boasting the largest and most intuitive touch screen, a standard Electric Power Tower, the ultimate versatility with TAPS 3 and intelligent Smart Wheel controls, the RZX2 is truly a complete innovation. It’s ready. Are you? 

" The screen layout and functions are easy to find, and intuitive. The extra ballast is a handy, and you get an AMAZING wake! It is a pretty amazing boat that our whole family is very happy with. "
" Last year when I sold my RZ3 and bought the new RZX I was amazed at the upgrades that Tige had made in their boats. I loved my old boat but this one is just totally outstanding. The technology, sound system, tower, design, storage and even down to the cup holders were all well designed. Needless to say, they thought of everything and put them all in the right places. The boat is so easy to drive and maneuver and the WAKE is awesome. It is fun to have the hottest boat on the lake! Thanks Tige "
" I have personally owned a boat since 1997. I am on my third tige. Most recent is a 2018 rzx-2 which i love. No other manufacturer or dealer stands behind the product better than tige, and wakeboard and waterski specialty. from performance to comfort, style and more. "
" This is my second Tige and the nicest boat I’ve owned. It’s an awesome machine and blows my previous boats surf wave away! The new 2 to 1 transmission is amazing and even slammed with plug and play and large crew it planes out smoothly with ease. My boat has the upgraded sound and it thumps. Very pleased with the RGB lights and the clear 2. Very easy to use. My dealer is awesome and makes owning a Tige boat even better than it already is. Thanks Andre and Jacques! "


Combine its power with leading technology and the signature style of the RZX Series, you'll see that the RZX2 is more than fully-featured, it's fully loaded. World-class performance and luxury at $138,062 USD, including a standard BoatMate Torsion Axle Trailer.


Special Features

Oversized Bow

The RZX2 offers a wide, open play pen style bow which allows more friends along for the ride. Stretch out and relax in the deep bow as you soak up the sun.

Transform Seating

The RZX2 boasts an extremely spacious cockpit for your entire crew. The RZX2 comes standard with the portside transform seating. Add on the easily collapsible rear bench seat and the starboard pop up seat so that your crew can have a front row seat to all the action behind the boat. 

Driver Friendly Helm

Tige CLEAR is the next-generation of on-board technology and is sure to elevate everything about your experience in a Tige. Using commands and gestures similar to today’s smartphones and tablets, you can easily navigate through your day on the water with highly intelligent design, intuitive control, and always have a clear view ahead. 

Functional Dash Layout

Tige CLEAR is positioned exactly where you would want it to be—just to the right of your steering wheel, next to the throttle. With the largest surface area, brightest screen, and clearest forward- visibility in the industry, our intuitive interface allows you to easily access all the action on a 10.6", tablet-sized touchscreen. 

Transom Activity Center

We know how you use your boat, so we've designed the Transom Activity Center to make the most of your time. Tige's Transom Activity Center is more than just an easy entry in and out of the boat, it is loaded with extra amenities designed for when you're just hanging out, including stereo control, wet/dry storage, and cup holders for small items and beverages.

Fresh Air Exhaust

The new Fresh Air Exhaust lets you enjoy increased air quality in the back of the boat or the back of the wave. Consider a quieter ride a bonus. Standard on the RZX Series

Oversized Swim Platform

Tige Swim Platforms are soft, safe and comfortable thanks to custom-designed Gator Step flooring. Most manufacturer's swim platforms look the same, but the difference lies beneath. The bottom of Tige's swim platform is fully finished and designed to avoid turbulence, resulting in a cleaner wakesurf wave. 

Yeti Cooler

The YETI Hopper, the leakproof, ice-for-days, go-anywhere cooler, comes standard with every Tige RZX. The YETI Hopper is jam-packed with Yeti's hardest materials and toughest technology, keeping your drinks ice cold even on the hottest days.  


The 10.6" Tige CLEAR User Experience is the next-generation of on-board technology and is sure to elevate everything about your boating experience.

Alpha E2 Tower

The all-new Alpha E2 makes an electric statement in engineering, strength and design.

Convex V Hull

The patented Convex V Hull allows Tige to produce a wake superior to all other inboards.


The most progressive, versatile technology to ever hit the water.​

Premium Audio System

You can experience a personal symphony hall thanks to our Premium Audio System by Wet Sounds.

Raptor Series by Indmar

The Raptor Series gives you the exhilaration you crave and the power you expect.
22' (6.7m)
102" (259cm)
Boat Beam

RZX2 Specifications

  • Specifications
  • Length: 22' (6.7m)
  • Boat Beam: 102" (259cm)
  • Weight: 5600lbs (2540kg)
  • Fuel Capacity: 65gal (246l)
  • Hull: ConvexV
  • Seating: 16
  • Color Options: Infinite
  • Draft: 29" (74cm)
  • Storage: 79.16ft³ (2.24m³)
  • Additional Specs
  • Premium Standard Features
  • ConvexV Hull
  • Tige CLEAR User Experience
  • Alpha E2 Powered Tower with Swivel Board Racks
  • TAPS 3 Surf System
  • Raptor Series Engine
  • Tige 5 Warranty
  • Zero Off™ GPS Cruise Control
  • BoatMate Torsion Axle Trailer
  • Smart Wheel
  • Surf + Wake XL Underfloor Ballast
  • Plug and Play Ballast, includes 2 rear bags
  • ICE Power Premium Sound System
  • RearView Camera
  • Fresh Air Exhaust
  • Billet Aluminum Phone Holder
  • Portside Transform Seating
  • Custom Flooring Options
  • YETI Hopper 30 Removable Cooler
  • RZX Graphic Package
  • Custom Diamond Interior
  • Tige Armour Mooring Cover
  • Z-Cline Driver Seat
  • Lexan Windscreen Door
  • Standard RZX Graphic
  • Stainless Appearance Package
  • Stainless Steel Rubrail
  • Digital Depth & Water Temp
  • Tige Pro Driver Mirror
  • Electronic Isolator and Dual Batteries
  • Sea Strainer Flush Kit
  • Dual Fuel Fills
  • Hull Vinyl Ester Resin Skin Coat
  • Ballast Options
  • Surf + Wake XL Ballast
  • The Tige RZX2 has been highly calculated to give you a turnkey experience with 3,800 lbs of underfloor ballast (2,700 lbs underfloor + 1,100 lbs Plug & Play). The Surf + Wake XL Ballast throws the right size wave and wake for every rider regardless of the number of passengers.

Designed by you. Built by us.

With our unique color options, materials, and details, you can create your own signature style. Mix and match standard and vivid metal flake gelcoat options with vinyl selections to keep it classic, or take your shot at being on the cutting edge.