Evolution Wakeboard

Shaun Faccio

Shaun has turned heads as one of South Africa’s top wakeboarders for years. In addition to dominating the local circuit Shaun’s in his SA colors a bunch of times, all over the world. Egypt, Korea, Italy, France, Singapore, USA, China, Taiwan, Russia, Doha, Ukraine are just a few of Shaun’s stops. He’s been on the water for 14 years, ever since he convinced his dad to buy a family wakeboard after seeing one on TV.

Hometown? Bedfordview, Gauteng, South Africa.

How long have you been wakeboarding? 14 years.

What would a "perfect day" be to you? Well, I love the Vaal river, so hanging out with family and friends and riding the whole day there. We would have a nice braai (BBQ) together, and then more riding.

What are 5 things you can't live without? My Phone, my computer, my wakeboard , my moms food and my GoPro.

Who inspires you? My family, especially my dad. He has done so much for me.