TAPS 3 is much more than just a surf system-- it's the most versatile technology to ever hit the water. But don't just take 
our word for it, see for yourself. 

This Spring, we challenge you to test drive a Tige and experience first-hand the power and versatility of any Tige with TAPS 3. Whether you're surfing, wakeboarding, or skiing, TAPS 3 makes it effortless to dial in your perfect ride time after time. We are so sure you'll be impressed with our performance, quality, and styling, we're willing to put our money on it.


If you go with the other guys, we'll give you $1,000 and our greatest condolences. See you on the water! 

The Tige TAPS 3 Demo Challenge is from March 1, 2016 through May 31, 2016 for US and Canada residents. The customer must demo a 2016 Tige model with the TAPS 3 Surf system and another 2016 boat within a 10% price range (5% above, 5% below). Both boats must be demoed with factory ballast only. If the Customer decides to purchase the other 2016 boat, which they won’t, the Customer must complete a survey and show proof of purchase and registration in order to receive payment.